Whose the new PIGGY in town?

A 5 year young permaculture, landscaping business rejuvenating our planets eco-systems.

We have created a whole range of edible, farming and contemporary landscapes; from food forests to market gardens, regenerative farms to residential gardens and much more... Our designs improve eco-systems because we use natural, eco-logically improving techniques providing you with healthier soils, increased biodiversity and more abundant yields.

You may find it helpful to read through our 'What is permaculture?' article, to better understand what it is we do and how our methods rejuvenate eco-systems.

Our mission

We're on a mission to rejuvenate the planets eco-systems, whilst offering quality, low-cost services to our clients and students.

We can save you time, money and energy.

Our vision

We want to live in a world where communities are self-sufficient, food is grown regeneratively and humans live harmoniously with nature.

Permaculture ethics; people care, earth care and fair share.

Hamish O'Brien

I founded PIG in 2021 as a result of my rich experience in the landscaping, farming and permaculture sectors.

Since the start of PIG I have initiated many gatherings, courses and voluntary activities in the permaculture field all across the South West of England, namely the weekly gatherings in Glastonbury and Bristol or starting the market garden in Newquay, Cornwall.

I have completed hundreds of regenerative landscape designs, planted over 15000 plants and over 300 trees, helped communities and permaculture businesses develop and created a successful, trusted business (PIG).

10 years landscaping/farming, 5 years Permaculture

Founder of PIG

Whats my why?

The drive inside

On the light side, my drive comes from knowing that we can live in a much more abundant, harmonious and happy earth.

But on the dark side, my drive comes from a deep frustration and longing from knowing the we are continuously growing our food, designing our landscapes and creating environments that are degenerative.

We face so many crises right now and it's painfully obvious that we need new solutions, systems and ways of thinking to over-come our alarming challenges.

Permaculture is simply the solution.

So I chose to be a part of the solution and offer regenerative services through PIG.