Abundant Food Forest

A food forest design for self-sufficiency and food sovereignty.


9/27/20231 min read

A beautiful food forest design offering our client an eco-system which increases soil fertility, food production and diversity.

For those who are not familiar with a food forest, it is much like a normal forest but the most prominent difference is that we intentionally increase the amount of food productivity. Other differences include, manipulating the land to encourage the best growing conditions and planning for medicinal, building material and fuel crops.

Generally food forests are about supplying as many of your needs as possible. They are a high yielding investment, offering you the chance to limit or totally remove monetary transactions for your food, medicine and other human needs. Food forests are incredibly productive places. We use many different permaculture techniques like:

1. Stacking - A planting method which allows us to squeeze in plants and explore dimension gardening, increasing productivity and accompanied with plant diversity, makes the system extremely resilient from pests, diseases and other threats. Also, by using this method you can expect less maintenance because plants give and take different nutrients from the soil. When the right plants are chosen they will support each other, assisting each other to thrive.

2. Land reconstructing - If the land needs it (which most required small adjustments to become even more productive), then we can offer a plan which will increase the productivity of the land by restructuring the soil. One important aspect of this is slowing down water and distribute it fairly throughout the land. This is an extremely under-rated strategy. By doing this you will prevent soil erosion, make great use of a natural resource and help create a low maintenance system for yourself.

There are plenty more techniques to use and the permaculture design process helps us deliver a well created permaculture design. By follow natural principles, ecological techniques and productivity increasing methods, we are able to create eco-systems that can help you become food sovereign and self-sufficient.

If you would like us to create a permaculture design for your land then please get in touch by contacting - pig.permaculture@gmail.com .