Highly Productive: 10 Acre Regenerative Farm

A case study of a 10 acre regenerative farm we created.


Hamish O'Brien

7/10/20231 min read

I was delighted to receive this request for a regenerative farm design because I firmly believe in regenerative farming. We accomplished a productive permaculture farm design, improving all aspects like finance, produce and eco-improvement, but more than that, we pushed the boundaries of growing possibilities in a temperate climate.

Thats why I love permaculture. We are innovators and we don't stick to the rules. This makes us extremely versatile designers, resulting in opening ourselves to the endless possibilities of abundance.

This design took 1 month, about 8 consultants/designers and lots of determination from my side. The result was a 36 page design which included a food forest, tropical bio-dome, pasture lands/agro-ecology, alley cropping systems, mushroom growing, silvo-arable farming, underground growing, market garden and infrastructure (like, classrooms, farm shop, warehouse and more).

This design was so innovative that it made it to the permaculture association's website ( https://blog.permaculture.org.uk/articles/creating-tropical-paradise-closer-home )

The client was incredibly happy with the design and continues to work with me to this date.

Below are more images of the design.