Medicinal Regenerative Cottage Garden

Another beautiful design of medicine and food crops arranged with ornamentals which increase eco-system resilience and health.


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This design is full of medicinal herbs, food crops and ornamental plants that create a wide range of diversity.

The garden shape was a type rectangular shape. We wanted the client to have easy access around the garden and also enjoy features like a pond and trellis arches. There was enough space to sit with a table for 6 and overlook the garden on this lawn/wildflower meadow section. The idea is to have low growing plants that come up to ankle hight with a solid grounding around the area as a suggestion due to constant trending on that area. Suggestions were made as to what type of materials to use that would allow the plants to flourish.

This was a fantastic design to work on and our client was delighted with the results. You can purchase this design through our 'one-click-design' service.

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