Medicinal Wheel Garden

A medicinal wheel permaculture design


Hamish O'Brien

7/21/20231 min read

A medicinal wheel permaculture garden design.

This landscape had big issues with bogging and unproductive land formation. After diligent design, mainly using observational and overlaying tools, I uncovered that slight land reformations and working with what was already present led to a healthier eco-system.

Bogging can be a landowners worst nightmare, but in permaculture we say the problem is the solution. So this bog (Which was in the centre of the circle) was a blessing. Using methods like, swales - directing the water, no-dig gardening - rising the beds and fertilising the land and lastly, strategically chosen plants that use more water or open up the soil to soak in more water.

This is a medicinal design, producing valuable yields of natural medicines. Create your own 'Farmacy.'

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