Senegal Overview Design

A designing combining multiple permaculture growing methods for self-sufficiency and monetary gain


10/6/20231 min read

Here we have a permaculture design created for a client in Senegal. Our client desired to live off-grid and self-sufficient.

This is the overall structure of the design without the plant codes. Its interesting to look at what makes up a permaculture property. Each segment of the design offering different attributes which supply the land owner with all sorts of needs. Diversity is important. Diversity in needs keeps life interesting and fruitful, diversity in eco-systems supports all sorts of beings from micro-organisms to animals and plants.

More and more people have a dream of buying land, living off-grid and raising a family in the safety of their ideal homestead. But what about funding this lifestyle?

It's important to consider all of your needs and what it will really take to create this lifestyle. If profit is something you need to live this lifestyle then a permaculture design can help you create that through the very thing you want to create. This design is a perfect example of a client with little funds, big dreams and now an epic plan which they can now implement and profit from. Resulting in paying back any loans, creating a stress-free, money rich lifestyle for themselves but more importantly a free, healthy and time rich lifestyle for themselves.

If you are looking to get your land designed using non-harmful, organic and regenerative permaculture practises then feel free to get in touch via