Simplified Permaculture Design Process

A quick and simple take on the permaculture design process, for regenerative, eco-friendly and self-sufficient systems.

Hamish O'Brien

7/11/20231 min read

yellow sunflower field during daytime
yellow sunflower field during daytime

The following is an extract from the online permaculture introduction course, available for purchase here.

Here is a table of permaculture design processes.

Every design process really boils down to analyse, action, feedback. So try not to get overwhelmed and just remember this simple backbone of permaculture design.

In this article I just wanted to outline the processes used, note the phases and design tools of permaculture. This will allow you to see a design process clearly, expose you to new permaculture design tools and open up further reading into each tool.

In the example below we are following the OBREDIMET process. This should give you a better understanding of what's involved and the themes of each stage.